WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

Looking back on the first week of freshman year, where you realize you’re going to be sharing a cramped room with a total stranger and grabbing plates full of pizza in the dining hall at all hours of the night seems like such a good idea it becomes a regular part of your schedule. Fast-forward four years to a totally different individual, whose stacked resume and thoughts of a promising future right around the corner may be the only thing getting you through those last term papers and final exams. It’s true when they say the older you get the faster time seems to fly by. Who’s to say college is or isn’t the most exciting years of a person’s life? College is a place where we truly transform into our own in hopes of becoming the best versions of ourselves. However, when the time comes and you pick up your cap and gown it all starts to become real. Graduation is a time for celebration. It’s the day where one extremely influential door closes and another mysterious yet exciting new door opens. It’s a day where all eyes are on you so it’s important to look your best.

This Fashionista’s ensemble is ideal for any grad walking across the stage to receive the piece of paper worth four years of hard work and a student loan or two. Wearing white is the perfect choice for this monumental day. With one chapter closing and new chapter just getting started, a white dress or romper can represent a wholeness or completion and a successful beginning. Her classy and neutral two-tone wedges keep her look chic and will add some sass to the cap and gown look when the time comes. The simplicity in her outfit allows her to then accessorize with fun pops of color. From her hot pink satchel to her gemstone bangles, her look lets us know it’s spring and a time for fresh start.

Being mindful that the day will be full of pictures and hoopla, wearing a flawless ensemble for graduation is essential. Keeping your outfit simple and sticking with a bright white color scheme will create a classic and celebratory feel that will help make this day unforgettable and one you love to look back on.

One Simple Change: Attending graduation just to watch you best friend on their big day? Try the same wedges and accessories with a pastel or lace sundress. Keep your look fresh and be ready to celebrate all of their achievements!