WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

April 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

May is just around the corner, and do you know what that means? Graduation is less than a month away. Yes, you read that correctly! For many, this is a time to celebrate the end of your academic career and start finding your first real job. On graduation day, some choose to let their robes be the fashion statement, while others let it become more of an accessory. Personally, I applaud those who choose to let their gown be an accessory to what they are rocking underneath. I know graduation is meant to be about the cap and robe, but I think showing off your personal style underneath is much more exciting.

This Fashionista is a great example of how to show off your personal style while having to blend in with all the other school colored gowns in the crowd. Here at the University of Missouri, the graduation robes are mostly black with a tiny bit of gold on the shoulders. Rocking a bright dress underneath is a great option to brighten up your look, especially on such a big day! Bold lips and nail polish can also show your personal flare to a typical graduation robe. If your gown is a dark color or black, like they are here at Mizzou, I suggest following this Fashionista’s idea of adding more color through her nail and lip color.

In terms of shoes, you have to consider comfort. Although you are sitting during the ceremony, you will definitely be standing for the pictures your mom takes of you after. Also, you don’t want to be that girl who falls across the stage right? This Fashionista got it right by wearing a pair of comfortable wedges.  If you are want to wear heels to add some height, wedges are the way to go. They are much easier to walk in, and your heels won’t get stuck in the grass when strutting across the quad.

One Simple Change: Have an interview right after graduation? Wearing a bright color can really make you stand out. Pair the dress with a blazer to make your look seem more professional. If you are worried at all about wearing heels during an interview, switch out the wedges for a pair of nude flats. This will make your look more clean and bring the attention strictly on the colors in your dress.