WHAT TO WEAR: Grab 'n Go

February 16th, 2017 at 2:10am
WHAT TO WEAR: Grab 'n Go

College consists of late night studying and grabbing anything that we can jump right into the morning after in order to make it in time for class. With this, it can be so easy to spot the students that like to put a little makeup on and take their time getting ready for the day, which is how I found this cute Fashionista walking to class.

Her outfit wasn’t anything drastic, as if she had to score a New York Fashion Week look to grab any photographer’s attention. It was something casual to where any girl can look her best for an everyday look. On the days when we have no inspiration or motivation to get up and get ready, it’s so easy to follow this three piece formula when deciding what to wear to class when you still want to look presentable. A laid-back blazer, booties, and jeans—that’s it! So simple.

The thing that made the outfit stand out so significantly were the details on her blazer. The cheetah collar and buttons went so perfectly went with the green cover up. What outfit would be complete without a set of jewelry? Gold is the perfect for dark colors like the green and light brown details on this Fashionista’s blazer (which she claimed was her mother’s when she was in college–OH. EM. GEE). She matched her outfit with a simple gold watch to add some color.

When in doubt, grab a light cover up to switch up your everyday jeans and a cute blouse combo. School doesn’t always have to seem like a drag when you see it as a place to score your best outfits. Dressing up for class can give off this good sense of feeling like that post-workout feeling can. If you don’t think presentation matters, think twice!