WHAT TO WEAR: Grab-and-Go

Being a college student can be hectic. You stay up all night to finish a project due the next day only to fall asleep in the middle of it, causing you to oversleep. Sometimes your alarm goes off, and sometimes it doesn’t. This article is for the times where it doesn’t. It can be really stressful, but the most stressful part is that you didn’t plan out an outfit the night before!

This can be really hard. Since you overslept, you didn’t leave any time for you to get ready, or any time to even think of an outfit, which leaves you with the most annoying question of all, what do I wear?

This Fashionista was running late for class but came in looking ready for the day as if the whole getting ready in 15 minutes thing never happened. When asking her how she looked so put-together, she told me that it was the good old trick of grab-and-go. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s when you simply get out of bed, grab clothes, and go work with what you’ve got. It’s like the bend-and-snap but for the late kids, easy and efficient.

Wearing a white bodysuit under distressed boyfriend jeans caused this Fashionista to look simple and well put together. With her black belt and white body suit, the aesthetic showed in her black and white Adidas Superstars. Finishing off the look, she added a delicate gold necklace, and voila! Done. Don’t know how she did it, but she looks great.

I don’t know about you, but for me, when I’m running late, I always get so confused on what to wear and the grab-and-go method doesn’t always work out. I don’t leave time to check the weather, or even think about how to do my hair, so this Fashionista gets an A+.