WHAT TO WEAR: Go With The Flow

After returning from summer break, the first day of college can be busy, especially for college seniors. Students have to think about getting to class on time as well as adjusting to the challenges of getting into the groove of things again.

College seniors can especially be impacted by the unnecessary stresses of school. College seniors are preparing for graduation by looking for jobs and applying to graduate schools. In addition, they have to balance their schoolwork with their activities. While enjoying the beautiful Michigan fall breeze outside of the student center, I spotted this Fashionista who likes to go with the flow when preparing to go to her first day of classes during her senior year.

With experience working in the media broadcasting industry, this Fashionista is no stranger to getting ready quickly while also expressing her personal style as she follows her passions. Everyday, this Fashionista refrains from planning out her outfits. She likes to be spontaneous and she likes to display a unique style. From wearing a delicious french fry necklace to sporting black cheetah adidas while rocking all black and topping it all with an informal jean jacket and raspberry colored backpack, this Fashionista focuses on expressing her true self by throwing on what makes her feel good.

One’s personal fashion is a presentation of who he or she is. This Fashionista likes to go with the flow, and it shows in her style. In the end, true fashion is waking up and wearing what makes you feel good.