WHAT TO WEAR: Go Back To Black

WHAT TO WEAR: Go Back To Black

As Amy Winehouse would say, “I’ll go back to black,” and this Fashionista could not agree more. All eyes are on her as she struts down the streets of Richmond in her black leather jacket and booties. This Fashionista created an easy-to-wear outfit, incorporating different shades of black and lighter colors to contrast. The lighter articles of clothing consisted of a beige turtleneck and a pair vintage high-waisted Levi mom jeans, which played a huge role in completing the outfit.

Let’s break it down, one shade at a time! The black leather jacket contains a rich dark pigment which lays perfectly upon a lightweight cream colored turtle neck, creating an ideal contrasting look. Made from leatherettes; a form of artificial leather made by covering a fabric with plastic, it’s free of animal cruelty and stylish! In addition to her black jacket, she incorporates a reversible faux leather handbag that generates a casual look which is best resting on her arm and above her jeans. And, moving down. Lace up black booties are an ultimate piece that really shapes and complete the basic components of an outfit.

What’s an outfit without accessories, right? Subtleness is key to this Fashionista! Small pieces of accessories are placed on the more visible, but delicate places of the body. Gold seems to be the right color for this outfit. Wearing a Michael Kors watch on one of her wrists and an Alex and Ani bracelet on the other. But, to frame her face, she creates a bold statement by wearing a large black pair of Ray-Ban aviators.

If you can’t already tell, this Fashionista studies her trends. She is aware of the trending colors and silhouettes. But, even better, she chooses to wear faux leather, which makes her conscious of the products that she is wearing. Animal cruelty is a very important issue today, and it is very refreshing to see that Fashionistas around are aware of these issues and are more conscious when purchasing animal-based products!