WHAT TO WEAR: Girls Night Out

You know that awkward time of year when you wake up and it feels like sweater weather but by the end of the day you feel like you’re dying of a heatstroke? Welcome to that time, my fellow Fashionistas. This presents quite a problem for trying to pick out what outfit to wear. Luckily, this post has you covered. Before we get into the outfit details, lets discuss the ideal occasion for it.

While it is still early in the semester, it’s important to schedule some GNOs before the weekends get crammed with research papers and studying for exams. Being college students, there aren’t very many opportunities to dress up. Most times, students are seen walking around campus in the outfit they went to bed in. A girl’s night out is the perfect excuse to grab your best heels, put on your finest attire and feel like a mega babe. Since my girls and I live near New York City, this outfit would be perfect for going to dinner on the Upper East Side. I know that not everyone lives near the city, so this outfit would still work for whatever your version of a girl’s night out entails.

Today my roommate is showing you how you can transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn, as well as from day to night, with ease. A midi length skirt is autumn’s best friend—not too short to make your legs freeze, but not too long for the warmer walks to class in the afternoon. The body con fit is a just the right way to prolong showing off that bikini body you worked all summer for. A leather jacket is perfect for throwing on when the wind starts to pick up, but is easy to take off when needed. Paired with a light and airy crop top that features some frill detail, this outfit is a solid 10/10. The combination of varying lengths and fabrics makes this the perfect solution for the time of year that the weather can’t seem to decide exactly what it wants to be.