WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Going back to college brings back the hours of homework, walking to and from class and the weekends of partying. What is even better about getting back to campus is being reunited with all of your best friends. Being with your friends again calls for movies and popcorn in the apartment, adventures around the town and of course, girl’s nights out. There are always times where we need a break from boys and girl’s night out is the perfect occasion to do that.

This particular outfit was styled and worn by one of my best friends who is a stellar Fashionista. This look would be great for a girl’s night out because it’s dressy, cute and not too casual. We live in San Diego, so this would be perfect to wear out to dinner in The Gaslamp District where there are a multitude of nice restaurants, bars and shops. Whenever my friends and I have a girl’s night out, we absolutely love to get dressed up because we usually do not have an occasion to put on skirts and dresses since we have classes during the week. Although we do not get that dressed up for our classes, we like to show off our best attire when we go out to nice dinners.   .

For this look, this Fashionista is wearing a light blue cotton bodysuit from Forever 21. She paired this with a fitted, suede black skirt from H&M that has some lacing on the side. I absolutely love the skirt because it is not too simple, but it is also not too flashy either. It provides just enough detail for the entire look to be brought together. She tied the bodysuit and skirt together with a black choker that ties in the front from Brandy Melville. This accessory piece is great for this outfit because it matches perfectly with the color scheme of the look. I think it looks much better than if she was wearing a gold or silver necklace. Lastly, for her shoes she decided to wear cute black booties from Steve Madden. I truly love how there are openings on the sides of these shoes because it makes them look different from other typical booties that you can find at many other stores.

I would definitely recommend this outfit for a girl’s night out for any college girl. It’s simple, yet also dressed up. This Fashionista definitely created a stand out look that is definitely at the top of the charts! This outfit will catch the eyes of everyone she passes and will be the discussion of friends for weeks!