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WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

July 27th, 2016 at 2:06am

The warm season is in full effect and you know what that means: frivolous outfits, walks on the beach and of course, girl’s night! Girl’s night out is a nice way for you and your close friends to get together and catch up over some delicious food and drinks. On top of that, it’s also the perfect occasion to dress up and probably take some cute pictures!

Since it’s summer, you want to make sure that you’re dressed in something that’s chic, but also comfortable and light enough so you don’t feel too overwhelmed. Let’s check out what this Fashionista is wearing to get some inspiration.

This Fashionista went with the classic theme: all black everything. Black isn’t limited to the fall and winter; you can in fact wear it all year round since it goes with about anything in your wardrobe. This Fashionista wore a lovely V-neck elastic jumpsuit with a jacket. To accessorize, she of course opted for a black choker, hat and open-toe sandals, paired with some silver jewelry. The accessories complement the overall look and help her stay within the monochromatic theme. The leather jacket draped over her shoulder accentuates the outfit and makes the jumpsuit stand out. The crocodile skin cross-body bag is also a great staple addition as makes the Fashionista’s look even trendier and brings the whole ensemble together. This is therefore the perfect outfit for a girl’s night out since it has that sophisticated and simple feel. She is definitely ready for a night out with the girls!

One Simple Change: Getting ready to travel? No problem! You can ditch the jacket and hat to instead wear a comfortable off-white sweater over the jumpsuit, paired with sneakers for a more casual and sporty look.