WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Sick of dresses and skirts for your girl’s night out? Try shorts! This Fashionista shows that you can still be feminine and sexy without all the hassle. This Fashionista is a great example of what to wear for any girl’s night out. She showcases all the key elements that bring this look together and keep it from falling apart. As I’m sure us ladies know, a girl’s night can get pretty wild, and why not be prepared?

Here’s what you need to know: Always bring a clutch or cross-body that can fit the essentials—phone, lipstick, I.D., cards/cash, keys, misc. Find a clutch you love without a strap? Attach one!  It’s a simple way to make your clutch more functional and completely unique. You can turn your bag into a wristlet or even a shoulder bag depending on the length you prefer. Next up is heels; always find a pair that you love, but more importantly, find a pair that loves you back. Find shoes you love that are comfortable for running around all night. Try out different stores, check out customer reviews, but NEVER EVER settle for uncomfortable, killer heels. We can’t forget about the ever-functional accessory, the watch. Don’t waste your phone battery checking the time when you can wear it on your arm. This makes it immensely easier to be on time for meeting the girls at dinner, hopping to and from clubs and knowing when it’s time to go home for some beauty rest. Lastly, always wear something you’re comfortable in; of course we want to look great, but we want to feel great too. You don’t want to be worried about fixing your outfit all night—you want to be out there having fun! As our Fashionista has shown, try out shorts! High rise is hot right now; they bring your midsection in, giving you more of an hourglass figure.  They are sleek, comfortable and less likely to ride up. Take these tips, and getting ready for your next girl’s night out will be easy!

One Simple Change: Swap the heels for some flip flops and remove the blazer to reveal an oh-so-cool crocheted back tank or camisole, and pull hair into a sweet side pony for a casual look while running around during the summer day.