WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Austin, Texas is known for its live music scene and downtown cityscape, so it’s only appropriate that we talk about what to wear on a fun and funky girl’s night out! This Fashionista is a recent radio television film graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, and she knows how to dress up for downtown. When she’s not working hard editing a short film or being the director of photography on a set, she enjoys going out with her girlfriends to grab a bite to eat or listening to music. She certainly knows how to stand out.

When asked about her inspiration for this look, this Fashionista stated that she loves mixing the old and the new—retro styles with current fashion trends. The ’80s and ’90s have inspired her high-waisted pencil skirt with its bold color and longer length, even stating it’s like a “Barbie throwback!” Her crocheted top layered over a strappy bralette is super trendy for this summer season, and even its halter top throws back to a returning ’90s fashion trend.

She also chose to accessorize with multiple studded earrings, chunky bracelets, rings, floral wedges and an adorable metallic purse that’s the perfect size for downtown essentials without being too bulky. I asked her specifically about the funky platform heels she wore. She got her shoes for only seven dollars when she was 16, proving that “you never know when an article [of clothing] will come in handy.” With all the spring and summer colors in her floral shoes, they can tie together any outfit!

Although she doesn’t have any specific fashion inspirations, this Fashionista loves to go back and look at fashion trends from previous decades, specifically from the ’90s. She states that “something that can stand above a whole decade as a remembered fashion trend is worth being inspired by and worth trying to incorporate into modern day,” and I’d have to say that I agree!

One Simple Change: How can this look go from a girls’ night on the town to a morning brunch? Switch the shoes! This Fashionista could take away the heels and bracelets and opt for more comfortable sandals. She also recommends adding a belt to the skirt to go for a more casual look.