WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Everyone needs a night out every now and again, am I right? Whether it be an evening of dancing downtown or bowling with some buddies, it’s time to dress to impress. After all, half the reason you put on six inch heels is to, in fact, be recognized for your fashion prowess. Working all week or taking summer classes can get you into a bit of a style rut, and there’s no better cure than throwing on a fabulous outfit to head out with your squad. Opt for an all-black look like this Fashionista, and stand out by blending in with the night.

I caught up with this Fashionista as she was heading out to dinner with her girls, which I was told was only a precursor for a girl’s night out to be remembered. She rocks an unexpected monochromatic look—a hot trend amongst club-goers at the moment. This Fashionista brings it all to the dance floor in a midnight-colored bodycon mini dress. She accessorizes minimally, keeping all the attention on the real star of this look—the shoes! These lace-up slingback heels show off this Fashionista’s mauve pedicure and take this outfit to new heights.

This outfit is the perfect cherry on top to a night out with your girls. The slingback heels are not only the stylish choice, but they are the practical one as well. After all, no one wants to end up like Carrie Bradshaw in the unforgettable episode of Sex and the City in which she runs after the Staten Island ferry hysterically yelling, “I lost my Choo!” When a night of dancing is sure to ensue, it’s always wise to opt for a pair of shoes that won’t quit. The turtleneck bodycon dress shows off this Fashionista’s figure without being “in your face” about it, and will keep you comfortable in the wide range of temperatures that you’re sure to experience throughout the summer night. So put on your best, Fashionistas, because it’s time for that girl’s night out that you all know you need.

One Simple Change: Failed to pack a backup outfit with you, and headed to brunch the next day with your girls? Don’t worry, swap out your dancing shoes for a pair of trendy sneakers and throw on a denim jacket and you’ll be ready for brunch without looking like you’re wearing the same outfit as last night—in fact, you’ll look like you’ve got that whole athleisure thing down pat!