WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

“Cause it’s a girl’s night, it’s alright without you. I’m gonna stay out and play out, without you!” Okay, maybe I shouldn’t try and get you to come out for a GNO with old Miley Cyrus lyrics. You have to admit though, a girl’s night out with some of your best friends is never a bad idea.

This Fashionista is showing off her all black outfit, casual platforms and a pop of color on her lips. Having a night out on the town doesn’t always mean a mini skirt and heels; you’re allowed to go out and still feel comfortable. That is shown here by mixing it up; instead of wearing a skirt or a dress, throw on some adorable high-waisted jeans like these. The jeans are being paired with a black, off the shoulder crop top.

Instead of wearing a strapless bra, this girl took the more adventurous route and wore this geometric bra, exposing the triangular straps and pulling the whole outfit together. The outfit was kept simple with minimal jewelry; she is wearing a gold choker. For the shoes, she wore these awesome platform heels, which are far more comfortable than a pair of regular heels.

Keeping it minimalistic is a great new trend. Overdoing an outfit can sometimes ruin it, so why not keep it simple? Minimalism is shown in this look with the consistency of colors and the simplicity accessories. Just adding one pop of color, as is shown in the lips, creates a great focal point.

Getting dressed for a night on the town is usually quite stressful. I know I pull out my entire closet and never seem to find anything cute to wear. This Fashionista is showing us that it’s okay to keep things on the simpler side. You don’t need to overdress and you don’t need to feel uncomfortable in the clothes you choose to wear.

One Simple Change: Got ready way too early and still have time to run some errands? If you switch out the platform heels for a cute pair of sandals or sneakers, this outfit can be completely transformed into a casual look that you can run some errands in.