WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

While most of the time we’re all very content to stay in our everyday look of leggings and sweatshirts, I think every girl has days where she wants to get dressed to the nines and go out with her girls. We want to wear equally gorgeous and uncomfortable heels, a sequin skirt and big hoop earrings. We want to walk in the room and not just look nice, but TURN HEADS! This colorful look is perfect for a girl’s night out, and doesn’t it just kind of make you happy by looking at it?

Basics are great; they’re an essential. However, investing in some statement pieces is just as important as having the perfect pair of jeans. In this case, a sequin skirt is just the beginning of the several fabulous pieces that make up this outfit. Choosing a sequined skirt in a pattern like this is so fun and instantly creates the centerpiece of your look. Now, some people might want to leave it at that and allow the skirt to do that talking, but in my opinion, a girl’s night out is the perfect time to show off all your favorite pieces that you don’t always get a chance to wear. For example, pairing this colorful skirt with a pair of neutral toned rhinestone-covered heels somehow works perfectly, adding texture and another element of fun. I love the pop of color in this Fashionista’s top, and the bell sleeves are being shown everywhere this summer.

With an already flashy base, accessories are kept classy and simple. She wears beautiful pearl and personalized bracelets, awesome hoop and pearl earrings and a simple clutch. One of my favorite aspects is the color of the bag matching her nail polish—such a great detail!

This is one of those outfits that you’d see someone wearing and think you’d never be able to pull it off, which is so not the case. In my opinion, this look emulates one of our generations biggest style icons, Serena van der Woodsen (I’m actually not kidding…). She’s a girl who could wear anything, make it look good and still seem approachable by throwing her hair in a messy ponytail that of course was still flawless. The moral of this story is to take risks in your fashion choices. Who knows, you could end up being the world’s next Serena.

One Simple Change: Swapping out the heels for some neutral flats turns this into a great look to meet the parents! Plus, your somewhat daring sense of style might also be a conversation starter.