WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Another week is coming to an end and I can’t help but think of what to do in order to forget about the stress brought on by the last few days. Of course, Netflix and staying in bed decked out in sweats is always an option. Regardless, a more fun option that holds the promise of laughter and a good time is having a girl’s night out. This Fashionista shows us how to dress cute but comfortable, perfect for spending the night away and creating memories in the presence of good company.

Although this Fashionista’s outfit sticks to neutrals and some dark tones, the details in the design keep her outfit fun and feminine. To start, lace tops always add femininity and a hint of flirt to any outfit, especially since (for the most part) they come in floral design. This Fashionista paired her cropped lace top with an A-line skirt, making her waist seem tiny and adding to the femininity of her look. The small print on her skirt complements her look by not overpowering any part of her outfit, but instead adding a little bit of color. The small orange and beige details of the skirt also help welcome her brown bag, which follows the neutral color theme while being the perfect size to carry the night’s necessities. To finish the look she chose to wear flats, preparing her for a more comfortable evening.

An important aspect of this look is this Fashionista’s hair. Her messy bun is not only perfect because it keeps her hair out of the way, but also because her flyaway hairs outline her face, the bun gives enough room to see the detail of the her top near the neckline.

One Simple Change: This cute look can instantly be turned into a weekend wear by simply exchanging the flats for some white Birkenstocks. This change would instantly add a more casual feel to your outfit and keep you as comfortable (probably more comfortable) than flats.