WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Whew! After a long busy week at your internship or at work as you complete your weekly goals, what better way to celebrate and have fun than having a girl’s night. A girl’s night calls for a ’80s-themed slumber party where all the girls are dressed in their coolest outfits and ready to play games, a limo ride around town, trip to a comedy club or even a karaoke spot and dinner. There is a lot more that can be done for a girl’s night; never limit your ideas and just have fun. Girl’s night outings are extremely enjoyable and can turn into a mini fashion show as a group of girls walk to the tables they made reservations for or just simply along the sidewalk. A girl’s night out is an exciting gathering to look forward to. It’s a time when girlfriends get together and partake in social events to bond, laugh and converse.

After hearing that a limo is scheduled to be in front of your apartment at 7:30 pm to bring you and your girlfriends to dinner and then a comedy club, you quickly dashed in your closet to pick out an outfit. If it’s hard to think of one, check this one out. A pair of distressed nicely fitting denim jeans seems to never disappoint. It is an easy article of clothing to pair almost any top with and can be dressed up or down. Take a look at this Fashionista’s girl’s night out outfit. These denim jeans fit her extremely well and it accentuated the lower part of her body. She paired her bottoms with a beige top that is slightly fitted at the top and loose at the bottom. The color of her top blended with the shade of her jeans and complemented it well. Have you ever heard the saying, “Heels make an outfit?” Well this saying is very true in this case. Though her outfit was very stylish, her tan, strapped, open-toed heels added to her outfit and allowed it to look casual yet chic. Her accessory choices also complemented her outfit. I love this outfit because this Fashionista was wearing the clothes—they were not wearing her and it looked great.

One Simple Change: Do you like this outfit but would rather have a little more comfort? Great, that can be done. Simply change the strappy heels and grab a pair of strappy sandals that are a pastel color and you are able to change your for weekend wear.