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WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

No matter how the time is spent, summer is the most hectic season of them all. The warmth seems to provide people with just the right amount of momentum to pursue ambitious tasks. Virtually every college student tries to make “major summer plans.” Although they are not always successful, summer activities can be very demanding.

We have to thank goodness for a girl’s night out! It is the perfect outing to slow the pace down.

When I hear “It’s girl’s night out (G.N.O)”, I instantly think about getting dolled up with my ladies for a night of carefree fun. Ladies, am I lying, “or nah?” Nah! Any Fashionista would agree that one of the best things about a G.N.O is assembling an equally effortless ensemble.

Check this Fashionista out! Her G.N.O attire screams rebellious school girl. She has paired a red plaid button-up with a curved mini pleather skirt and trendy, chunky black heels. I admire this Fashionista’s look so much because of the character she adds to it. You can tell that she loves the clothes she is in with the manner that she confidently sports them.  “Oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling is right.”

One Simple Change: This Fashionista misses the monochrome trend by just a mark. If she cared to jump on this fashion bandwagon, she could easily swap her plaid shirt for a long sleeve, tie-front crop top. Her new outfit would be perfect for a concert. This change amps the fierceness of her look and persona while preserving the “rebellious school girl” element.