WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

It is no secret that every girl is down for a night in curled up watching a movie with a big buttery bowl of popcorn, but it is also no secret that girls love to go out and have a good time. Sometimes you need those random Wednesday nights in the middle of your hectic week to doll yourself up and have the opportunity to try wearing new pieces. While cuddling up to a good chick-flick is usually a great option, there is no better feeling than actually going out and having an awesome time.

Although I am not the first to dress myself up to the nines every time I go out, I definitely try to explore my style and try new things here and there. I mean, if you’re bored with your normal outfits and aching to try something different, then take full advantage to slip on a rockin’ pair of heels and hit the town.

This Fashionista does just that with her sassy, yet edgy look. She complements her classic skinny jeans with multiple textures and various fabrics. My favorite part about this Fashionista’s look is her boldness in how she pairs a sequin cheetah top with a black jacket with shear sleeves. Her confidence is evident in not only her main pieces of her outfit, but in her ability to freely accessorize her ensemble. Nothing says “girl’s night out” like a pair of studded heels and chic bangles. This Fashionista takes everything about looking great on a night out and combines it into one awesome look. To achieve a look like hers check out this jacket, these heels, and this top.

One Simple Change: Switch out the heels and sequined top with a pair of sandals and more casual tank top for a more class friendly outfit.