WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

I don’t know about you, but when Monday rolls around, I always hope that the week goes by as fast as possible in order to unwind during the weekend. Luckily, my busy schedule makes the days of the week go by in a breeze. One thing I love about the weekend is spending time with my roommates. Whether it’s all of us making dinner together or watching movies on Netflix, we always have a good time. Sometimes in the spur of the moment we decide to go out, which can make putting together a last minute outfit difficult. However, when I spotted this Fashionista, she gave me the inspiration for the perfect outfit for a night out on the town with my girlfriends.

The colors incorporated into this Fashionista’s outfit brighten up the dreary winter days and match so well. Her outfit is the perfect combination of cute, yet tough. This Fashionista’s outfit gives a feeling of dressing up yet staying comfy. Her black cardigan will keep her warm when walking outside to her destination and is versatile and easy to slip off when indoors. The white blouse underneath the sweater gives off a classic feel. To give her white blouse a bit of edge, embellishments on the collar help her stand out even more. The most pivotal part of her outfit is her bright yellow A-line skirt. A little bit of color during the winter is a great idea and will cheer up anyone who passes by. To keep the tough persona, this Fashionista pairs knee high socks and is ready to kick some serious butt with her Dr. Martens. To top it all off, she applies a bright red lipstick that complements the entirety of her outfit.

The best part about this outfit is that she keeps it fresh and girly, but is not afraid to give it a sense of sass. Next time you’re planning a quality girl’s night out, follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

One Simple Change: Been awhile since you’ve seen family? Swap the knee-highs and boots for a pair of sheer tights and booties for a modest look for parent’s weekend.