WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

It’s January 2015 and the weather here in the Midwest is freezing. We all have those days where we just want to stay home, watch Netflix and hide ourselves from the world but we also have those days where we want to spend the night in with friends. When choosing your outfit for a girl’s night, it can be difficult if you’re not entirely sure of what the night will bring. If you end up going out somewhere you want to be warm and have on a cute outfit but if you end up staying in all night you don’t want to be uncomfortable.

This Fashionista is displaying the perfect mix of comfort and cute through her outfit. The navy blue pixie pants are ideal for keeping your legs warm because they’re a little bit thicker than leggings but still more comfortable than jeans. This multicolored oversized sweater is long enough to cover your tush and gives you the feeling that you’re wearing a blanket but is obviously much more fashionable. The red beanie gives the whole outfit even more of a comfort factor. The hat paired with the boots will keep you extra toasty if you and your friends decide to go out and get dinner, go sledding or maybe just go get your nails done. All of us that live in the cold weather know that the walk from your car in the parking lot to whatever building you’re going into can be brutal. If after all of this you decide to stay inside with your girls and curl up and watch a movie or two, you’ll still be comfortable.

One Simple Change: These pixie pants can be worn with just about any outfit for almost any occasion. For example, if you’re going to a concert just switch out the sweater for cute cardigan and loose tank and then you can easily peel off the layer so you can continue dancing and singing your heart out.