WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

I will stand up and admit that during the horribly frigid winter of Minnesota, we do not dare the outdoors often (hibernation is not just for the woodland creatures, folks). However, there are only so many Netflix movies you can watch until you have to throw down the remote and brave the great outdoors and socialize. So when you have to take that great step for mankind, follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps by dressing for the weather along with the style.

Winter style is all about the comfort and I love how this Fashionista kept this in mind by keeping her legs warm and cozy with a pair of knitted sweater leggings. If you want something a little funkier than these plain black ones, try switching it up by pairing printed leggings with a more neutral top! They’re super stylish and fun, but they’ll also keep your legs and nice and toasty in those negative temps.

I have a not-so-subtle love affair for anything floral so this tunic dress looks like it came straight from my closet (if I didn’t live in Florida majority of the year and stick strictly to spring and summer colors only). The babydoll fit adds the perfect dash of innocence and pairing with the leggings gives the outfit the extra oomph it needs to make it dinner-appropriate.

One style statement that I have stuck to with much dedication over the years is always having a little grunge in my step. From when I was five years old and asked only for Timberlands and a pretty ballerina dress on my Christmas list, I have always found someway to let my Avril Lavigne-obsessed, preteen self shine through whether that be in the form of a grungy pair of combat boots or a leather jacket. So naturally when I saw this Fashionista’s boots I died a little inside. Dr. Martens took their own spin on the ever-so-popular combat style with this extra comfy little couple that wrapped this outfit up with a little bow on top. Just throw on a peacoat for an extra pop of color amongst the dark winter hues and you’re off to the races!

One Simple Change: My go-to date night look for the winter season includes little dresses like this and knee-high boots. Just take off the leggings, throw on a pair of knee-high socks with your favorite black boots, a chunky sweater over the dress for added warmth and voila! You are date-night ready.