WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Day Out

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Day Out

GNO is a widespread term, accepted on all social media platforms as a hashtag and statement. But what about GDO? Yeah, that’s right: girl’s day out. Girls do not just hit the town on the night; girls also love strutting their stuff during the daytime. Girls do so much more than living it up when it is dark at the bars or even at classy dinner restaurants. Girls live it up in the light. Girls take the day like no other. Whether it’s brunch or morning coffee, girls do it right. And in fashion.

Take a look at this Fashionista! She masters keeping it cool and stylish, while not shaming her friends with over doing it during the daytime hours. This Fashionista is living it up just like any other; showing off her fashionable style and charisma through her clothes. For starters, fashion does change day to night. The day calls for different criteria than nightly activities demand. This Fashionista pulls off the perfect girls’ day out look without a flinch.

Let’s start with her bandana. These neck bandanas are super in right now, and check out that color choice. A complementary pale pink to go along with her stunning blue boyfriend jeans. The black shirt is a basic for any time: day or night. To be honest, this look kills all hours. Her sunnies prove that she is out and about in the daylight, though. This look is perfect for that casual brunch with your girls when you still want to dress to impress without over doing it. Believe me, it’s a very hard balance to achieve. This Fashionista manages to pull it off effortlessly, and with that we should all follow in her footsteps.

Brunch on, ladies!