WHAT TO WEAR: Fur Frenzy

Each year when winter comes in full swing, we continuously look for new ways to stay warm without sacrificing our own personal style behind those unfashionable parkas. A winter trend gaining a lot of momentum these past few months is fur. Yes, you read that right. Many people get turned off by the idea of fur but there is no need to worry because no animals were harmed in the process. The main star of this winter trend is actually faux fur. Adding fur elements to a look can bring a level of elevation to anyone’s overall outfit. The versatility of their trend makes it easy to take your fur daytime look to glam evening look. Everything from coats, hats, boots and even handbags, there is no limit to the possibilities of this trend.

This Fashionista incorporated fur into her winter look with a bold off-white faux fur coat. She added a monochromatic essence by pairing the fur coat with a chunky black turtleneck, dark wash jeans, and black leather booties. Clearly, the main focus of her look was on her coat so her accessories were kept very minimal. She wore simple diamond studded earrings and a big block lettered monogram. This created the perfect look for roaming the city, going to class, and even a look for a night out.

Adding fur accents to your everyday wardrobe is not as immediate as it may seem. An easier way to incorporate fur into your look would be to keep your overall outfit simple or with the use of basic colors and tie in your favorite fur accents. Stay warm Fashionistas!