WHAT TO WEAR: From Winter to Spring

Mother nature must be playing a game with us. This week we were blessed with a couple of sunny days with a high of 62! Oh, did I forget to say it is only March? My spring fever is coming in early this year; I cannot wait to spend my days sitting around the pool or at the beach. Summer cannot come soon enough!

Although every season has its perks in accessories, spring is one of my favorites! You can create multiple different outfits with just one piece of clothing. You can pair a dress with a sweater and boots in the beginning of the season. You can switch it up and wear a dress with Converse walking around town, change your shoes, and you are ready for a night out with your friends! Spring is prime time for Fashionistas—everyone wants to break out their skirts and dresses, and can you blame them? This past week was the first time everyone here at Oneonta saw the grass in a couple of months! With this glimpse of spring I am not surprised I spotted a Fashionista in a skirt this week!

This Fashionista created a unique look—did you notice her bag? It is handmade from Scotland, such a great souvenir option! How about her skirt? She loves to hunt for amazing deals; this denim skirt is from a local thrift shop. Her little black booties were a great choice in footwear for the weather. Trying to find shoes to wear when it’s 60 degrees out while there is still snow on the ground is a struggle in itself. She pulled off her outfit perfectly. She accessorized this outfit flawlessly from the unique handbag, to the plaid scarf that she finished with her touch of red lipstick to complete this mid-season look.