WHAT TO WEAR: From the Books to the Streets

Being as busy as most of us college students are, often times you can find yourself looking for outfits that you can transition from one event to the next. One occasion you may find yourself in is needing to get from class straight to a night out, whether that be with a date or friends. This Fashionista has captured that glam element while staying comfortable enough to get through those three hour lectures.

She’s wearing an army green top with criss-cross detailing on the neckline, along with a leather jacket layered with a black hoodie. The earth-tones of the shirt look put together in both day and night, making it a great transitional piece. While the detailed neckline adds some extra flair without the added bulk of a statement necklace. The leather jacket will help you keep warm from chilly classrooms to cold nights out on the town, while staying away from the classic hoodie and legging combo many of us tend to gravitate towards.

For the bottom half this Fashionista opted for a pair of distressed light blue jeans that she cuffed, perfectly accentuating her choice of shoes. She chose a pair of nude, high top sneakers with gold detailing. The jeans are comfortable enough for a day of classes while the distressing gives the otherwise casual pants an extra flirty texture. The shoes are my favorite part of this outfit, being functional enough for a full day of walking while the gold details create some extra glam.

As for accessories, she chose a rose gold watch that compliments the detailing on the shoes. She wore a pair of simple gold dangly earrings which she shows off by pulling her hair back.

This Fashionista really knows how to make her busy life a little easier by choosing transitional clothes. By taking a few cues from her, we can minimize stressing over changing three times a day!