It’s that time of year where all we want to do is dress comfortable. We want to dress comfy because we now have long days of mixing in school, work, workouts and library sessions. We wish we could wear sweatpants all day, but we just can’t forfeit a day of not presenting one of our fashion creations. The day that is the biggest culprit of all these symptoms is Friday.

Friday is the day you wake up, go to class, go see your friends, go see your friend’s friends, go out to dinner, go to a party and stay out until midnight. Friday you need an all day multipurpose outfit; it’s essential.

So what does a comfortable multipurpose outfit look like? This Fashionista showed me. She wears high-waisted jeans to keep her sucked in and looking her best throughout the day because let’s be honest, we all have cheat day on Friday.

She pairs her high-waisted jeans with a striped cropped T-shirt that says “Friday” on the pocket. The black and white stripes makes the outfit pop with some added texture. It’s just an overall rad look!

This Fashionista then throws on her high-top Converse All-Stars. They allow her to be sporty and edgy while still being able to wear a shoe she can literally run around all day in, talk about efficient!

To keep the comfort going, this Fashionista wears a black zip-up hoodie, which just screams 90s fashion. This Fashionista is now warm, comfy, cozy and most importantly, looking so incredibly chic.