WHAT TO WEAR: Friday Class

As the semester winds down, dressing nicely for class can feel like a waste of time. Assignments are piling up and there’s just no time to do laundry. Everyone else is wearing leggings; should you follow the crowd and wear yours, too?

Go for it, and don’t stress: you can wear leggings and still look good. Take notes on this Fashionista’s outfit for next time you want to look comfy and cute for that Friday or early morning class. You could roll out of bed wearing her outfit, and it doesn’t even look like pajamas.

She wears glasses, which makes getting ready a little easier because she doesn’t have to worry about putting in contacts or doing her eye makeup.

When asked where she got her crewneck sweatshirt, she admitted that she got it from her mom’s closet. But that’s a great way to find pieces that are coming back in style. Thrift stores are another way to find recycled clothes and freshen up your own closet.

White sneakers are a staple for anyone. Even though there are so many different styles, they go with everything. In this look, the shoes match the lettering on the sweatshirt and brighten up an otherwise dark-colored outfit.

Of course, the avocado socks—they’re a great way to keep this casual look eye-catching and fun. There are plenty of patterned sock options that you can use to make your own look more fun.

Relax and dress comfortably. It’s almost the end of a very stylish semester, and every Fashionista deserves a day off.