WHAT TO WEAR: Formulating an Outfit

The most assigned task in a fashion student’s life is completing a mood board. Whether you have crafted one or more than 20, you know how much fun and painstakingly maddening they can be. These magical creations of scattered content often explode with inspiration and accurately reflect the spirit of the time. We all know that a mood board starts out with one solid concept. Our job is to dive deep into the Internet, magazines, books, environment or art in order to find complementary details, words, colors, images or patterns that will enhance and aesthetically complement this one idea.

This process completely relates to how we choose an outfit. When we follow the familiar routine of staring into a closet that feels full of over worn leather jackets and denim, we end up plucking one inspiration piece from the bunch and building our outfit around it. For those of you who have come up with your own quick formula for compiling an outfit, I applaud you. For those of you who have to start thinking about an outfit the night before, that is dedication and I admire you.

It is important to note that you will always have at least one inspiration piece to every outfit you wear. This is your base and like a building, you want to add on details that will form a structured and well thought out end design. For this outfit, my saddle bag is my inspiration piece. Recently, the saddle bag has become the bag to own. It has great shape and looks sharp. The vision for my outfit came from the colors from the lining of the bag. Black and navy: an interesting color combination yet appropriate for a cold, almost winter day. These two shades influenced my entire outfit.

In order to be a proper Fashionista I also have to have this season’s trends in mind. In order to decide what to wear there are many other factors involved. How well do these trousers complement my bag? What is the weather like outside? Do I feel like wearing lipstick today? You know, the everyday struggle. With all reasons considered, I chose a high shaft black Chelsea boot to pair with loose fitted navy trousers. I decided to add texture to the outfit with my heathered, thrifted turtleneck and a patterned navy and white coat. Overcoats with a twill or plaid detail are on trend for this season, along with chunky heels on boots. To finish the outfit, I pulled it together with a black wool hat and a dark matte lip. Even though turtlenecks are not my favorite garments, the high neck keeps me warm and is a great substitute for a scarf.

Making a decision to garnish your self with all of your most favorite pieces from your closet is not as fun or as challenging. Dare yourself to wear pieces that you do not wear as often. Who knows, maybe you may find a piece begging to be used as inspiration.