To quote the wise and wonderful Justin Timberlake, “as long as I got my suit and tie,” a guy is 90 percent of the way toward completing his formal look. This Fashionisto is ready to take on an upscale evening in a sleek suit and tie combo. There’s no traditional black and white color scheme for this adventurous Fashionisto. He makes this look his own by adding a bright blue and white checkered, collared shirt, a fun green tie and a classic, dark gray suit. With Fashionistos, although it is standard to throw on your suit and tie combo and head out the door, you can enhance the classic look to show off your personal style.

Since this Fashionisto’s event is formal, his outfit fits the bill! From head to toe, his look gives off a sophisticated yet fun vibe! He paired brown oxford shoes to add another color dynamic. When attending a more reserved event, you want to look your best. The Fashionistos cannot go wrong with the classic suit and tie combination. Not into the formal suit and tie look? Try pairing khakis with a collared shirt and adding a fun bowtie.

Though most guys feel like they don’t have as many style options to choose from as us gals, they can still do a lot to create a formal look. There are endless amounts of collared shirts in varieties of colors available, not to mention countless stunning ties and bowties. Find a store with a formal selection that fits you or your Fashionista/o’s style and shop for a tie that means business. Where I live, there are lots of shops that sell bowties, which preppy guys will purchase in a heartbeat! Develop your own formal vibe and pair it with confidence. That will allow you to strut your stuff!

One Simple Change: Had enough champagne and macaroons? Ready to ditch the formal event for a more casual date night? That’s easy. Remove the jacket and tie and you are ready for a fun night out with that someone special.