July 17th, 2015 at 2:10am

Very dapper! Usually formal men’s attire can be worn anywhere. These formal occasions include a wedding, party, get together and around at a job. This Fashionisto put together an outfit that screams expense, but the prices on each item are fair and achievable!

Starting with the shirt, this Fashionisto is wearing a white button-down shirt from H&M. He adds to his outfit by applying a dark navy blue blazer on top. This blazer you’d think is so expensive  because of how it looks, but it isn’t at all! You’d probably find a blazer like this hanging in Chuck Bass’s closet. Next, he is wearing oxford-looking lace up shoes. He also has in his hand a laptop case from IKEA! What a busy man! Finally, he dressed up his outfit with some background accessories like his watch and belt.

When I was putting this article together along with the pictures, I absolutely flipped. I had to contact this Fashionisto and ask him if he was inspired by Chuck Bass. I found out from looking up Chuck Bass outfits online that one of his and this Fashionisto’s looked so similar I had to laugh! This Fashionisto not only put his own original spin on formal wear but he proves you don’t need to be rich to look expensive!

One Simple Change: Want to dress down instead of looking formal? Change the blazer to a simple cardigan! This will make your new outfit looking stylish yet comfy day or night!