Men’s formalwear has a bad reputation for being a tad repetitive. After all, there are hundreds of styles of dresses to choose from, and there’s only so much you can do with a suit. Shy of pulling out a Pharell hat or suiting up in a crazy color, much of a look with a suit relies on accessories. If you’re looking for a fresh way to wear your standard trousers, button-up and sport jacket combo, try a lightweight scarf on for size.

Upon meeting this Fashionisto, I was immediately taken by his flowy tie. I’ve seen a thousand outfits just like this one, but the bold choice of accessorizing with such a trendy piece stopped me dead in my tracks. The fit of the pants and jacket are flattering and could work well on their own, but the special stylistic touch of this Fashionisto pushed this look above and beyond standard men’s formalwear.

The choice to add slip-ons instead of a more traditional formal shoe was also quite striking. This allowed the outfit to be incredibly versatile. I ran into this Fashionisto when he was running errands downtown, but he could easily have been on his way to a formal event in his outfit. At the same time, he didn’t look out of place in the crowd of casually dressed people surrounding him on the sidewalk.

One Simple Change: Like I said, this look is super versatile. If your day consists of running errands, attending a formal event and going to an interview, you’re completely set. Just pick up a black briefcase to add a slight professional vibe for the interview.