Dressing for a formal event in winter can be a challenge faced by Fashionistas for so many reasons. When choosing a formal outfit, you are usually lost between being too formal or too girly. Also, you face the challenge of the cold weather, as formal dresses are usually very light and you have to add a jacket or scarf to keep you warmer. Then comes the challenge of timing: your event is right before or right after your class, and you try to keep it as casual as possible so that you don’t look overdressed for your class which results in compromising the elegant touch of your outfit.

College Fashionistas, especially in junior and senior year, have to prepare a couple of Formal outfits because this is the time of your life when you kick off professional life, either through an interview, an internship, a school event or even a class presentation. A well put together formal outfit is the first step to a successful professional career. Remember that first impressions last forever, and looking formal from head to toe gives your employer, colleagues and professor hints and signs of how serious you are about what you are doing.

Today’s Fashionista successfully made an elegant and classy combination that resulted in a feminine, formal look. The color black, or as I like to call it, the king of colors, is taking over her color choice for her outfit today. Black is the king of colors because it is classic, it is never out of style or unfashionable. This Fashionista dressed up in a black navy style coat that fits her perfectly and gives her body an amazing shape. The coat’s leather cuffs adds a wild and fierce side to her look, which promoted her look from girly to lady-like. The transparent black tights add a beautiful feminine touch to the outfit along with the black ankle boots.

The Fashionista linked her outfit together through her boots choice. The golden boot buckles perfectly connect with the coat through the golden buttons, giving a shiny vibe to the outfit. The Fashionista carried a medium black leather bag. Leather bags are a must-have, as they go along with any outfit style; they are like the joker in cards—they can fit anywhere and yet complete the set. Medium sized bags are practical as they are suitable for class, and for after class outings, where they don’t look oversized.

The Fashionista crowned her formal look with a natural updo hairstyle that refined her look and gave it a sophisticated touch. Her accessories choice was simple yet elegant. She wore long earrings, with small hanging geometric shapes, which went perfectly with her hairstyle.

One Simple Change: If you are hanging out with your friends or going to the movies afterwards, a pair of jeans leggings and a T-shirt can simply turn this outfit from formal to casual for weekend wear.