The beginning of a new semester means that there are many formal events that require dressing up. Dressing up can definitely be difficult, especially if you find yourself wearing the same type of dresses to every formal. Finding a dress that is unique to your own style will not only make you feel more confident, but it will also make you stand out from others.

Tired of wearing a black dress to formal? Have no fear! This Fashionista pairs this colorful dress with a pair of pointed heels. This dress has beautiful shades of burnt orange, burgundy, dark purple and light blue that are bright but appropriate for the winter. The colors and the intricate designs on this dress definitely make her stand out. The burgundy pointed heels complement the outfit.

Since the dress is the statement piece of this outfit, she keeps the jewelry simple by wearing a Michael Kors watch, a few Alex and Ani bangles and a simple Tiffany & Co. ring. The watch gives this look a more sophisticated vibe without taking attention away from the dress. Wearing a few accessories is a great way to stay comfortable throughout a long event.

One Simple Change: Not only is this dress perfect for formal, but it would also be great for a Sunday brunch with family. Switching the heels for a pair of flats and tights will instantly give this outfit a more casual look. Throwing on a coat would also make the outfit more winter appropriate.