January 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas! The little black dress is iconic, right? You can never go wrong with the LBD. But what about LBR? Little Black Romper.

As rompers have made their way up in the fashion world, girls just can’t seem to get enough of them. They range anywhere from comfortable to chic. So, what if I told you instead of wearing an LBD for formal this year, I told you to wear an LBR instead? You might think I’m crazy, but with the right LBR you’re making a statement rather than just playing it safe.

The lace pattern on this romper makes for a fancier, more elegant look which leads it to be appropriate for formal. Nude or gold is always a good accent color when wearing black—it adds more of a wow factor. Although there are a lot of dresses, rompers and T-shirts that have cutouts you need to be careful about. But on this romper, it adds a tasteful but fun detail to the outfit! Half the time when I look at someone who has a romper on I think they’re wearing a dress anyways and I think most of you can agree with that. So don’t feel like you’re underdressing when wearing a romper to formal rather than a dress. Instead, think of it as being 10 times comfier, while still looking just as awesome, with shorts built in.

One Simple Change: What if one of your girl’s calls you up and says, ‘get ready we’re having a girl’s night out’? The LBR is perfect for a night out with your girlfriends. The romper can go from fancy to chic with a couple changes of accessories. Add some black tights, nude booties and a statement necklace for the perfect GNO outfit.