WHAT TO WEAR: Fishnets for Days

February 6th, 2017 at 2:10am

It’s hard to look cute in the winter when you live north of the sun belt, but the right outfit will shine even more in a sea of sweatpants and hoodies. One thing I love about winter is that you can layer everything, and I love a good layered look.

This Fashionista layered trendy fishnets under some slightly ripped jeans to give her outfit an edgy touch. I also love how this Fashionista layered this black and white graphic T-shirt with a cute wishbone necklace and olive green bomber jacket. Cute necklaces are a good way to add some personality and detail to your outfits with out distracting from the rest of your look.

I found this Fashionista in my business law class and asked her if I could take some pictures of her on a Philadelphia street. She’s a fashion merchandising major and loves dressing well even when it’s freezing outside. I’ve seen a couple of her looks before and one of my favorite include her floral embroidered Chelsea boots and a tan button-down trench coat.

My favorite part about this outfit is the suede peachy pink Pumas. I love seeing a pop of color on campus when everyone else is wearing grays, blacks, and browns. Bright colors are usually for spring and summer months, but I think you can bring color into your outfits any time of year. Between her shoes and her silver-colored backpack, she brings just the right amount of colors and metallics to this look.