WHAT TO WEAR: First Week of Class

During the first week of classes it’s easy to let go of the great summer trends. Forgetting about what it feels like to wear your favorite clothes. Don’t say goodbye to all those pretty dresses, because they still want to be worn too. Go to class in a fashionable manner like this Fashionista. With her effortlessly comfortable and chic look she is ready to take on another semester of college.

Let’s start with skirts. They are easy and casual. Skirts are wearable all year round, if they are styled correctly. This Fashionista created the perfect look. Her black floor length button-up skirt is gorgeous. This is a piece that can be made to look casual and dressy. Since she wore this ensemble to class, this Fashionista went with a more casual look. So, before packing up any skirts and dresses try styling them differently. It’s always worth it when a classic piece can be worn year round.

To give her look a more relaxed vibe, she finished it off with a gray, acid wash T-shirt. The blend of neutrals combined with the distressed look made it stand out in a crowd. To accessorize she wore a long necklace, Birkenstock sandals and her glasses. This married a great combination of school and fashion.

This Fashionista’s style is simplistic and alternative. It reminds me of Coldplay songs. Make sure your personality shows through your clothing. When your clothes show who you are people will be more open to talk to you. We all know there is nothing better than making a new friend on the first day of class.