WHAT TO WEAR: First Day Feels

Whether you like it or not, school is back! Everyone loves picking their outfits out for the first day, dressing to impress…even if you are planning to wear leggings and a T-shirt in front of the same people next week. Whether your style is a cute top with jeans or a dress with accessories, the first day of school is the perfect way to show your style. Dressing to impress also takes away from the thought of dreading the upcoming semester of stress.

This Fashionista chose a tan shift dress (while she is still tan from summer, of course) with adidas Superstars in order to stay comfortable all day while walking miles and miles around campus. She also chose to accessorize with a layered necklace and a few bracelets to match.

This dress is a cute choice for a back-to-school style because it is cute, but casual. The cut on the sleeves makes it perfect for the dreaded heat we’ve been having. I like her choice of adidas Superstars, not only because they are super cute and in style right now, but they are also comfortable and practical.

If you are in college and go to a larger university, like mine, you know that a lot of walking is required each day. As an upperclassman, this Fashionista lives pretty far from the educational buildings. The walk to class, depending on exactly where you live on campus, can be up to 25 minutes. After all of this walking, comfortable shoes become a necessity.