WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Week Style

January 17th, 2017 at 2:10am

Admit it: once finals week starts, college has taken a toll on everyone. The enthusiasm of the start of the semester has been long gone. The only thoughts college students have are about that long holiday break that is greatly needed. The start of the semester everyone looks very put together with their outfits but sadly, by the end, the effort starts to decrease as the struggle in studying starts to take over for hours during finals week. Luckily, I bumped into a Fashionista on campus who presented some great inspiration at just the right moment.

Sporting a comfortable and fall-colored outfit instead of sweats and an oversized hoodie, this look is an amazing way to dress fashionably without losing comfort. Her knee high boots are comfy for running around campus. Her warm pea coat and long pants are perfect for the cold weather.

Her outfit is cute as it is, but this Fashionista decided to add something that would add more style and make it more fashionable. She solved this with none other than a warm and super soft infinity scarf. This accessory not only kept her warm, but also had her looking very stylish. Without the scarf, she only had an adorable look. But adding the pea coat, tall bootsskinny pants, and infinity scarf she turned a cute outfit into an example of turning a stressful week into a fun way to show her style.

The end of the semester might take away anyone’s happiness to do anything, but don’t let it take away your sense of style during finals week! This Fashionista demonstrated that with a cute accessory and comfortable, yet fashionable, clothes, you can make any outfit work and that can get you more motivated to pass your finals in style.