WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Week

Hello my beautiful Fashionistas and Fashionistos!

This quarter has been a wild ride for students in the southeast United States, and Hurricane Matthew definitely scrambled us up by putting some of us out of classes for over a week! However, proving how resilient we can be we powered through and made it to the end all while finding the time to express ourselves with fashion, simultaneously creating projects that amaze our professors and fellow students.

On top of dealing with finals, we also have to deal with these crazy changes in weather. With it being eighty degrees one day and fifty the next, it can be difficult to keep from going crazy when picking out an outfit in the morning.

Lucky for us, we have tons of Fashionistas/os to look toward for inspiration! My Fashionista inspiration for this finals week chose to keep it casual but still comfortable enough to sit through hours of presentations and exams by passing on the sweatpants and grabbing her favorite high-waisted skinny jeans and soft, cozy slip-on moccasins. To deal with the unpredictable temperatures, she paired them with a sleeveless crop top and loose olive-green button-down. A classic watch and practical cross-body bag keep her on time and ready to ace her finals, with a few beaded bracelets rounding out her cool and casual style.

Finals week is hectic enough for most of us and reaching for a pair of worn-in jeans and adding layers to keep up with a Savannah December ensures that we make it through with our sanity and style intact.