WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Week

WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Week

The quarter for me and the semester for some, are quickly coming to an end. Due dates are creeping up and tests hover over our heads like a rainy cloud. Some students have faithfully dedicated themselves to studying throughout the quarter, while most of us continue to survive day by day. As we pass by one another on campus we give ourselves the “I understand your suffering” glance. Bonded by the dread of exams, we all begin to gravitate toward a pair of jeans and a university hoodie. We understand that survival is crucial but this Fashionista has found a better way to balance both comfort and style.

The best way to achieve this look is by switching out your hoodie with your favorite oversized cardigan. It will protect you from the harsh cold of the classroom’s air conditioner and double as a blanket if you need to take a quick nap in the library—don’t worry everyone will understand. Another tip is to forget about your jeans and opt for the comfort of your best friend: a pair of black save-the-day leggings. The rest of your outfit can consist of styling pieces like a choker, a pair of hoop earrings and your style defining glasses as shown on this Fashionista. Show your fellow students that comfort is your priority but that you will not sacrifice losing your style and identity due to finals season.

As we all take a break from studying and scroll through relatable memes, we can only think about the well deserved holiday break ahead. Wether it is celebrating the successful end of another quarter or anticipating spending time with your loved ones, there is something positive to look forward to. We are all rooting for one another. Good luck!

Finals ultimate survival tip: Study hard and slay your exams.

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