WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Takeover

Earlier this month I met this Fashionista who is a student at Penn State. I photographed her outfit as her outfit screams finals! What really drew me to the outfit was just how comfy and cozy she looked. Although most of the time we may like to dress up or we do dress up, this outfit is the most “college student” you will ever see—in a good way of course. I found her outfit would suit the cold weather quickly approaching.

Penn State is known for its sports and passionate students. This Fashionista is a huge baseball and football fan. “It’s freezing at Penn State, it probably snowed there three times already,” she tells me on her weekend trip home. With a freezing campus, her big puffy coat is the answer. It’s easy to feel warm just by looking at her in that jacket. Big puffy winter jackets are the most practical when you’re dealing with snow and the frigid weather. “My mom’s always texting me to put on this jacket even though she lives far away in the Bronx,” she says as she laughs.

With her jacket she’s wearing some classic jeans she borrowed from her sister. Jeans are such a college girl staple piece and can go with anything. Personally, I think they’re comfortable. “I wear sweatpants whenever I can, though. I work a lot so I have to look the part but on my days off sweatpants or jeans are where its at,” she tells me. I can’t help but notice how comfy and warm her Uggs look. Knowing more about the snowy freezing days at Penn State, I can’t imagine getting out of bed early for class. Uggs must seem like the best invention in the world at that moment. “I’m always wearing Uggs. They’re so comfortable, especially in the snow,” this Fashionista says.

What is great about the coat, jeans, and Uggs look is that it fits in with the “norm” of Penn State. This Fashionista is in the sports communications major which means she is surrounded by a lot of boys. “There aren’t a lot of girls in my major. When there are the professors are always shocked at the girls in the classes,” she says. With that in mind, her fashion choices make a lot of sense.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfectly representative of what the local college student would look like if you dropped by Penn State and I find that really cool. Schools definitely come into play when you are coming up with outfit choices. A fashion school student, sports school student, and law school student will all wear different outfits and probably one that identifies more with their school and personality.