December 28th, 2015 at 2:10am

When finals’ week rolls around, the last thing on most college students minds’ is their ensemble. Looming deadlines, pages upon pages of final papers and bulky exams plague the last week of the semester, leaving students to feel more “frenzied” than “fashionable.” However, the Fashion Institute of Technology is slightly different than the average university… Just because there are endless tasks to be completed in one short week does not mean that one simply abandons all style (I mean, the word fashion is literally in the name of our school). Creating a killer outfit at a fashion school every morning can almost be as challenging as the exams themselves, but during a stressful week like final’s week, mixing comfortability and style can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here, Fashionista dons the classic mix of a comfortable yet chic outfit. A basic white T-shirt under a taupe knit cardigan provides the perfect amount of breathing room so you don’t feel too cramped when bubbling in answers on your Scantron test (one that, halfway through, you realize you probably should’ve studied a little harder for rather than getting sidetracked on Netflix…).

Her black leggings are also a quintessential final’s week piece of clothing. Not only are they the world’s most cozy bottoms, but the stretchiness of the fabric allows you to relax as you prepare to spend the next one hundred questions of your life in a classroom trying to recall every piece of information you learned the past semester…

She wraps up the entire look with cute Converse sneakers, sophisticated tortoise patterned eyeglasses, a messy (yet chic) undo and some blingy statement earrings. When you look good, you’ll do good—go the extra mile with your outfit and your studying so you can rock final’s week this semester.

One Simple Change: Swap out the sneakers for some ankle boots and add some chunky jewelry to make this the perfect outfit for a winter girl’s night out.