I don’t know about everywhere else, but in the Northeast the weather has been all kinds of crazy; on Sunday it was 70 degrees and this coming Friday it’s supposed to be 48 and raining. With the already stressful two weeks of finals, add in trying to dress for this ridiculous weather and I’ve officially gone crazy. Luckily I’m able to see what other Fashionistas are wearing and how they’re coping with the spring temperatures in the middle of December.

Sixty degrees in winter may seem warmer than it actually is; I have been seeing both guys and girls wearing shorts. However Christmas is in less than two weeks and that kind of dress is just not okay. I was so happy when I saw this Fashionista wearing a warmer winter weather appropriate outfit. It’s still chilly in the morning, so when you’re trekking to the library at 8am it’s important to bundle. This Fashionista chose a chunky navy scarf for the added warmth. A scarf is an amazing accessory because it keeps you so warm but its so easy to take off if you get too toasty.

Ankle jeans are always a go-to because they’re both comfy and make any casual outfit put-together. This Fashionista paired her bottoms with super cute black booties (she vouched for their comfiness) and a neutral colored knit sweater. The texture of the scarf takes this neutral outfit up a notch and easily makes this Fashionista the best dressed one in the library.

One Simple Change: Depending on the weather, you can either ditch the scarf if it’s warm, or add a cute beanie and gloves if its on the chilly side. The weather has been all over the place lately, so definitely be prepared for anything!