October 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

You wake up at 7:00 a.m. to your alarm clock blaring in your ears. As you slowly open your eyes, you regret staying up until 3:00 a.m. studying for your midterm today. Sure, you needed to cram in a few extra hours, but was the lack of sleep worth it? As you force yourself out of your warm bed, the last thing you want to do is take the time to put together an outfit that is comfortable, chic and appropriate: the perfect trifecta.

The weather is only getting colder, and it is time to start layering. Right when you get out of that warm bed, it feels like you need to throw on parka over parka to deal with the morning chill. However, by the time you get out of class, the sun is shining and you are overheating. This is why layers are a key factor as we enter the chillier stages of autumn. Piling on layers can be a hassle to some; trying to see how many layers are needed to stay warm while also trying to create a unique look isn’t always easy.

This Fashionista creates her perfect layers by combining a cozy white sweater and olive scarf with a structured striped jacket. To combat the stress of midterms, she used five simple pieces to create a comfortable and cohesive look. Her black worn skinny jeans are perfectly cuffed over her brown booties (a pair that I actually featured in my last article!).

My favorite part of her look is her army green backpack with patches scattered across the back. This Fashionista informed me that she has stumbled upon each of these patches and buttons in different places and sewed them on herself to create a unique, stylish look. Find your own collection of DIY patches to replicate this look.

One Simple Change: Ready to celebrate acing your midterm? Grab some friends, swap out your backpack for your favorite purse and head to your favorite spot around town to kick-start the weekend!