I am finally back on the UW-Madison campus and it feels sooo good! As I am enjoying my free time hanging and catching up with friends, it’s also finals week for the students taking summer classes. There are only a few more days until they will be free from the shackles of, dare I say it, SCHOOL! But let’s be serious, there’s only three more weeks until another school year starts anyways, so what’s the point of enjoying the last few weeks of summer?

A reason to be excited for the next three weeks of freedom is that you’re liberated to do anything you want (make sure it’s legal and safe) without worrying about homework being due the next day, midterms and finals and listening to a monotone professor in a stuffy lecture hall. This also means the smell of adventure is in the air. If you’re living on campus this summer, spend that time discovering the beauty and mysteries of your school. It’s always exciting to learn new things, especially when they’re not from a textbook.

As I ventured University Avenue, I discovered this Fashionista. She was busy journeying her way to a coffee shop to study for her final this week; however, I knew I had to stop her for a moment of her time. This Fashionista’s outfit intrigued me because it looked like she was ready to crush her studies and, at the same time, prepared to go on an adventure. If you take a glimpse at her, she looked just like a cute, normal college student; however, when you look at her even more closely, you would notice that her look has an “I care for my studies but I’d rather be out discovering” vibe, in which this fascinated me. I really liked how she paired a simple graphic T-shirt with a distressed light wash denim short. Then there were her high-top sneakers, which I am still not getting over! I love the brightness of them and how cute the bowties are in the back. This Fashionista is definitely ready to get her finals out of the way so she could go venture.

One Simple Change: Studying for finals can be a handful and super stressful. However, a way to remain calm and detoxed from all the worries is through working out. After your study session, swap the denim shorts for a pair of cropped joggers and go for a nice run or walk.