By the time you read this, summer classes here at the University of Alabama will have already ended. People are running around going about their own busy schedules; some moving out of their dorms and apartments, some taking finals and many hanging with dear friends knowing they’ll reunite in the fall. Heck, I managed to cross all these tasks off my list with little stress (thankfully)! With all this going on, it’s not surprising that students will often lurk into the realm of sweatpants and loose T-shirts. Yet, this Fashionista went out this week in style and in prints!

Decked in summer colors and plaids, this Fashionista kept her look casual and sensible, but it was nowhere near boring! Every piece of this outfit coordinated with the other. Her matching plaid button-downsalmon colored scarf and striped canvas slip-ons made for a bold and fun combination, while the gray top kept everything toned down.

Her ripped skinny jeans further add to the casualness of this outfit. The fact that this Fashionista chose ripped jeans and rolled-up legs tells us she’s also going for effortlessness and sophistication. Her scarf is loosely draped and blends with the plaid button-down and suits her face well. She probably wasn’t aware of the fact she absolutely rocked this look, as she told me she thought she was crazy to wear two prints together. By the way I see it though, this Fashionista looks like she is prepared to take on anything, especially her finals.

One Simple Change: For a “back to school” look that will surely make a great first impression, pair this look with these cute Tory Burch flats.