July 31st, 2015 at 2:10am

For all my summer school sisters and misters, it’s that time: finals are approaching. Even though the words summer and school don’t belong together, I rarely disapprove of pairing unlikely things together when it comes to fashion. So of course this romper is everything! Not to mention the amazing vintage leather bag or the perfect summer straw hat this Fashionista is rocking. However, her sneakers are what caught my eye.

I love they way this Fashionista has taken sportswear and transformed it into a wearable casual statement piece. Her fresh and clean adidas Sambas were festive, sporty and timely, considering the recent World Cup win for our women’s soccer team. These indoor soccer shoes are simple and unassuming but manage to pull the whole look together. I have a tinge of nostalgia when I see soccer gear. I have very fond memories of chasing soccer balls around in giant mobs of little girls with way too much protective gear for a limited contact sport. I even predicted how much I was going to enjoy a season by how much I liked the color of my jersey and strategically preplanned how to not look bald with the straight back ponytail look required for my team photo. But I digress.

Now lets talk practicality. I don’t know about you, but between us, I do not have time for fashion fuss! So how do we abbreviate the stare down between you and your closet in the morning? Try picking one piece items that you can slide into like rompers, jumpsuits and dresses. On the ASOS website, type “romper” into the search engine and you’ll find one for every occasion. This trick will make waking up a little late for class no big deal. When you need to get things done and don’t want to worry about wardrobe malfunctions take some notes from this style savvy chick.

One Simple Change: If you’re in the semi-greek life mood, and the air conditioner is up too high, throw on this Kale University sweater! You will look cool and maybe feel a little healthier too!