Five months of subject matter crammed into one crazy month and BOOM! The first set of summer finals are already upon us. The school is buzzing and the library is packed! It’s that time of the semester where you see more faces buried in books and a lot less people concerned with their looks. It’s no surprise I’ve seen my fair share of yoga pants and pajamas on campus this week. The fact is we are busy and worn out. ­­ Right now most of us are more concerned with final papers and flash cards than coordinating a cute outfit.

This Fashionista is the exception though. She managed to find the time to look both cute and comfy for her busy school day. Rocking a fun chiffon tank top, black cotton shorts, sandals and an oversized bag, she is ready for whatever finals week throws at her. She won’t have any problems studying for hours in this comfy outfit and that big bag of hers can fit all her final exam needs. Lightweight fabrics like chiffon and cotton are great choices for busy days; they breathe well and are perfect on hot summer days. The best thing about this Fashionista’s look is it hardly took any time to execute. The funny part is it’s just four simple and necessary articles of clothing that are just as comfortable as yoga pants only much more RAD!

One Simple Change: You’ve aced your finals and now you’re ready to unwind. Swap those sandals out for a fun pair of heels and you are ready to celebrate your success!