So you have nailed the interview and have accepted your summer internship. First off, congratulations! By now I’m sure that you’ve already decided that this is the perfect opportunity for a new wardrobe, especially to match the professionalism of your new position. Regardless of your major or current internship, one can never go wrong with a white button-down blouse. With the humid heat in Kansas, this blouse gives off the professional appeal. Yet the white color keeps you cool and refreshed, unlike darker colored button-downs that could attract more heat. The white blouse pops against the bright blue denim, creating a clean line. The bright blue jeans are a different take on the usual business casual apparel. These bright pants will sure to get you noticed in the office. With the jeans cuffed it maintains a youthful vibe. The huarache sandals are perfect for the intern that’s on her feet all day. Whatever the day brings, these sandals will stand up to the rush and keep you comfortable.

The blue bauble necklace, originally designed by J.Crew, is still in season at full swing. The accessories help to draw cohesiveness to the outfit by complementing and matching the jeans through all day’s activities. The tan huarache sandals really stand out against the blue pants, accenting the neutral color. Neutrals tend to be overshadowed by color, but the cool tones enable both colors to stand out together.

One Simple Change: Roll down the skinny jeans, and add a pair of nude pumps to create a more polished look. The pop of color will definitely get you noticed at after work drinks with the gals during a girl’s night out.