You’ve spent more time in the library within the past week than you have all semester, you feel guilty about how many trees you have destroyed from the enormous amount of notecards you used and the only thing keeping you sane is the massive bag of Swedish Fish your mom sent in a care package. All college students recognize that these signs mean only one thing: finals week. Despite feeling like you may break out into tears at any moment and that your life is in shambles, there is one aspect you still have complete control over—your style. While every other part of your life may be deteriorating this week, cheer yourself up by being the most fashionable student on campus. You’ll not only feel better, but also may perform better on your exams (you know what they say: dress well, test well).

This Fashionista is nailing her finals week style with elements of class and comfort. Since the weather is so temperamental here in Chicago, she rocks a gorgeous trench coat over her dark wash ankle jeans. Whether or not she is secretly dying inside from finals stress is completely unknown, as she appears poised and put together with the help of the trench coat. She also adds an element of flair to her outfit with her leopard-print flats. Sensible, yet fashionable shoes, i.e. flats, Converse, Sperry Top-Siders and sandals, are always a good idea during finals week. You’re already in enough pain as it is, so why would you inflict more on yourself with five-inch wedges?

Another finals week staple this Fashionista is rocking is the leather tote bag. Not only can it fit the essentials—laptop, charger, textbooks, notebooks, snacks, tissues for your tears—it also proves to be a much more fashionable alternative to the backpack. Finally, the last aspect of the outfit that perfects her finals week style is her glasses. It is socially acceptable during finals week to have comfy days where you wear sweats and your glasses, however, the role of glasses has completely changed in recent years. Glasses are no longer viewed as a form of laziness. They are actually extremely in-style, and many celebrities, i.e. Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Aniston, are embracing the trend. Looking smart is now incredibly chic, and I have even contemplated getting non-prescription glasses solely for that effect. Therefore, feel free to wear your glasses all week long with no shame, because you actually look awesome.

One Simple Change: Having a girl’s night out after your last exam? Swap the leather tote for a clutch or cross-body bag, throw on a pair of heels and you’re ready to celebrate!